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  • Calcium
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    By Ufuk Tarim Gida San. ve Tic. Ltd.Sti.

    Agronom CALCIUM is a secondary nutrition satisfies plants need of calcium. By containing special ligands, it is transportable through the cells. It enables plant to excambium of carbohydrates with the help of anodes ...

  • Dedicated Plant Scientists Botanists Product
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    Dedicated Plant Scientists Botanists Product

    By Local Roots

    We never stop learning. Our dedicated plant scientists, botanists, agronomists and engineers are committed to developing stronger, more affordable, more nutrient-dense crops. Their studies set the stage for more ...

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  • Designing Crops for Added Value

    Today adding value is more than adding yield or other agronomic traits of interest primarily to the producer. Adding value is meeting the need of a ...

  • Groundnut Crop

    Groundnuts (peanuts) are of great economic importance internationally. This book provides thorough coverage of all aspects of the crop, each ...

  • Thrips Biology and Management

    ''The editors are to be congratulated in compiling this volume which should not be missing from the bookshelf of any thysanopterist, agronomist or ...

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    Better Crops International (BCI)

    Better Crops International (BCI) was published two times each year from 1996-2003 by the Predecessor of IPNI, the Potash & Phosphate Institute of ...

  • /files/89129/publications/47574/book-20.jpg

    Better Crops with Plant Food

    Few publications available today can claim the longevity of Better Crops with Plant Food (BC), the quarterly publication of IPNI. The magazine ...

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  • CHS Inc

    CHS Inc

    Farmers Alliance, a subsidiary of CHS Inc, is a full service agricultural cooperative located in Southeastern South Dakota.  Our core businesses ...

  • NIK Agro Service

    Knowing the specific structure of the soil is the first step towards successful farming. For that reason the team of NIK Agro Service is made of ...

  • Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh)

    By the multilateral Agreement of the governments of Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Yugoslavia, the International Center of ...

  • INRA - French National Institute of Agronomical Research

    Because of the broad scope of activities it has covered since its inception, INRA (French National Institute of Agronomical Research) has built up a ...

  • AgWorks L.L.C.

    AgWorks L.L.C.

    AgWorks was founded in 1992 in Preston, Iowa. Our staff has more than 100 years combined experience in agricultural retail ownership, operations, and ...