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  • Biomass Production of Arundo Donax: A Country Specific Overview

    With around 50-80 dry tonnes of biomass yield per hectare every year, Arundo donax (giant reed) is way ahead of its competitors. Of course, this yield depends on climate and applied agricultural technology. In this article below, the studies carried out concerning the biomass yield and economics of Arundo donax are presented.Biomass production in the Mediterranean: Italy, Spain and SicilyBio

  • Indigo`s Living Map of the World`s Food System

    Two weeks ago, at the inaugural Beneficial Ag event in Memphis, Indigo was proud to participate in a growing community of innovators from across the food system. One of the questions we asked ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Leaf Porometer

    Leaf Porometer

    KEY FEATURES: Direct readout of stomatal conductance or stomatal resistance - Simple absolute calibration in the field- Minimises leaf stress during measurement- Ideal for phenotyping based research - Award-winning user interface- 5 year warranty. OVERVIEW: Stomatal aperture is the dominant factor in the diffusion conductance of leaf surfaces, which controls both the water loss from plant leaves ...