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  • Orchard Irrigation
    Showcase Product

    Orchard Irrigation

    By The Toro Company

    The Waterbird® range of mini sprinklers is a registered product of the agricultural irrigation manufacturer Toro Ag Irrigation. With access to Toro`s 40 plus years of industry experience, the Waterbird series ...

  • Fixed Array Design
    Showcase Product

    Fixed Array Design

    By German Solar Corporation

    SUNVIEW* FXT is an established and reliable solar array model that offers the least amount of post-construction maintenance. Once the SUNVIEW FXT is in place, there is no need to adjust they system. Typical customers ...

  • Polyamide (Nylon) Fittings
    Showcase Product

    Polyamide (Nylon) Fittings

    By Bucchi S.r.l.

    A wide range of Polyamide (Nylon) Fittings, Acetal Resin (POM) Foot and Check Valves, Polypropylene (PP) Ball Valves. Thanks to its excellent mechanical characteristics, polyamide is the least expensive and best ...

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  • Kingspan Water & Energy

    Kingspan Water & Energy

    Kingspan Water & Energy is a company with an international reputation specialising in fuel and energy storage, wastewater management and domestic hot ...

  • Grillo SPA

    Grillo SPA

    GRILLO SpA was founded back in 1953 under the name `OFFICINE PINZA` thanks to an innovative project the then twenty year old Benito Pinza invented ...



    ENVITEC S.A. has a significant know-how and a great experience as far as designing, construction and operation of environmental projects are ...

  • Hayleys agro bio-tech (pvt) ltd.

    Transcending the unique position through our wide portfolio of products and services, Hayleys Agriculture spearheads the Agricultural sector in Sri ...

  • Smallaire P/L

    Smallaire P/L

    Smallaire P/L is an Australian owned Development work is conducted in-house air movement company that was established in 1974. Smallaire is a ...