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  • Control Systems
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    Control Systems

    By CLF Plant Climatics GmbH

    Percival`s Intellus Ultra has been designed exclusively for plant biology research – a sophisticated tool for programming your chamber to satisfy almost all research needs. Still, the straight forward, ...

  • LED Plant Growth Chambers
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    LED Plant Growth Chambers

    By Hettich Instruments

    Hettich LED Plant Growth Chambers use an advanced LED lighting system to increase throughputs and decrease operation costs. Their highly efficient LED lights deliver uniform lighting throughout the chamber and virtually ...

  • Drosophila Chambers
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    Drosophila Chambers

    By CLF Plant Climatics GmbH

    Percival Scientific`s cutting edge technology is at the core of our commitment to delivering the best products on the market today. This commitment is clear with the Percival DR-36 Series which is dedicated to offer the ...

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  • Tiny Farms

    Tiny Farms

    Tiny Farms is pioneering the industrialized production of insects for use in food, animal feed and industry. Our team are experts in entomology, ...

  • CLF Plant Climatics GmbH

    CLF Plant Climatics GmbH

    For over 20 years CLF Plant Climatics focuses on plant biology instrumentation and plant growth environments. We supply plant growth and entomology ...

  • House Committee on Agriculture

    House Committee on Agriculture

    ‘Agriculture is the basis of our national prosperity. It is the substratum of all other interests; and the degree of advancement which marks the ...

  • Plant & Food Research

    Plant & Food Research

    Plant & Food Research is a New Zealand-based science company providing research and development that adds value to fruit, vegetable, crop and food ...

  • Nayab Pest Control Services

    Nayab Pest Control Services

    We M/S Nayab pest Control Services has been rendering the following services very effectively on competitive rates since 1988, having a large network ...