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  • What is the treatment of chicken manure in small and medium-sized chicken farms?

    The total Neng content of 13.4-18.8 kilojoules per kilogram of chicken manure is 30-70g. In addition, chicken manure also contains nitrogen-containing non protein compounds. Generally, they are in the form of uric acid and ammoniate. In addition, all kinds of amino acids in chicken manure are relatively balanced. The contents of lysine, cystine and threonine in chicken manure per kilogram are ...


  • Regenerative Agriculture Expands Regions

    Regenerative Agriculture Expands Regions

    Heliae® Agriculture continues to expand as it builds its efforts on promoting regenerative agriculture and soil health to the Delmarva, Kentucky, and Carolina regions. Chris Templeton will work with distributors to implement the PhycoTerra® ...

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  • Robots Technology

    Robots Technology

    Currently, everything we do in agriculture is limited by what we can hook on the back of a tractor or what we can tip in the spray tank. Our robots put new technology in the hands of farmers.