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  • How to use organic fertilizer equipment to improve soil environment

    How to use organic fertilizer equipment to improve soil environment

    Soil fertility has a great impact on crop yield and economic benefits. Soil fertility has declined and harvest has decreased, resulting in agricultural losses. Huaqiang equipment factory provides a complete set of professional organic fertilizer production equipment to help improve the agric

  • How to maintain soil fertility

    How to maintain soil fertility

    In order to maintain soil fertility, some low-yield soil (acid soil, alkali soil and salt soil), chemical improvers and irrigation should be used to improve, remove obstacles and improve the ...


  • Be.T.A. Strumentazione changes location

    Be.T.A. Strumentazione changes location

    Here opposite, the “devil’s saddle” divides the many kilometres long beach of Poetto from the city of CagliariBe.T.A. Strumentazione consists of:few brains, with the addition of legs and armssome special tools, which occupy less ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Mechanical Weeder (Harrows)

    Mechanical Weeder (Harrows)

    Weeder (harrow) is designed for cultivation of arable fields – destroying weeds and soil crust in culivation of cereals, potatoes, corn, beet, rape, etc. especially on organic farms. Weeder harrow is also used for harrowing grasslands – raking out sod and leveling molehills what accelerates the growth.