Pet Cremation

Articles & Whitepapers

  • How pet cremation has changed … for the better

    How pet cremation has changed … for the better

    Over the past few years, no industry has progressed to quite the same degree as pet cremation(if you discount IT of course) and much of this development simply has to be attributed to the efforts and influence of Matthews Environmental Solutions. Without any doubt, our unrivalled expertise in the understanding, design and engineering of innovative 


  • The Evolution of Pet Cremation

    Pet cremation is not a new business, in fact archaeologists have discovered a pet cemetery in Palestine with the cremated remains of over 1000 dogs in urns that dates back as far as 332BC. Modern cremation started a little closer to today following ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Medium Pet Cremator

    Medium Pet Cremator

    The i8-PC2 is our flagship model for pet cremation, boasting a high capacity loading chamber, heavy duty front access door and cylindrical cremation chamber for increased efficiency and liquid retention. The i8-PC2 is also the only model in our range which is self-contained with a rear access door consisting of a mounted control panel and integrated fuel tank which provides a quick and easy ...