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  • Double Disk no-Till Openers
    Showcase Product

    Double Disk no-Till Openers

    By K-Hart Industries Ltd.

    Model 3612 is a simple specifically designed double disk no-till openers which rotates on a 1 inch chrome shaft located in the mount cap for tripping when obstacles are encountered, having up to 12” of obstacle ...

  • Rotary Mower
    Showcase Product

    Rotary Mower

    By S.A.L.F.

    New model of mower with variable cut TPS, characterized by great adaptability to the soil during work. Thank to a central articulated joint system, the machine can automatically adapt to the soil conditions and to the ...

  • Rigid Harvester
    Showcase Product

    Rigid Harvester

    By Alloway Standard Industries

    The Alloway Standard Harvester has a lot of the same great features it had in the past, such as its exclusive curved parabolic elevator which eliminates troublesome spring tension arms and results in less beet damage ...

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    We are exporters of coco peat, huck chips, coir twine, coir geo-textile, coir log, etc.Coir is 100% Eco-friendly and biodegradable so it does not ...



    Bat guano is a 100% organic manure which improves taste, quality and yield. It is obtained from only insect eating bats which are blind and use 1/5 ...

  • Ground Hog Inc

    Ground Hog Inc

    Ground Hog Inc Building the best earth drills & trenchers for over 60 years! Ground Hog offers a large range of augers and accessories for our ...

  • Koubachi AG

    Koubachi AG

    Koubachi develops solutions to make plant care easier and better. Our current range includes apps and plant sensors. The `classical` Koubachi App is ...