LG Sonic

Algae control in aquaculture - Agriculture - Aquaculture

Controls algae: The LG Sonic technology will retain a 90% algal reduction in your fish tanks in a environmentally friendly manner without the use of chemicals.

Controls cyanobacterial toxins, MIB and geosmins

By controlling blue-green algae growth, toxins and other negative side effects of an algal bloom will be reduced simultaneously with your algal problems.

Reduces TSS, Turbidity, BOD, COD and pH.

Safe for fish, waterplants and  insects No negative effects by the LG Sonic® products were found on fish, waterplants and insects in various studies performed at various universities.

Reduces biofouling

By directly aiming the LG Sonic® towards a fish cage the formation of biofilm will be prevented together with the adherence of algae and other organisms present in the water.

Reduces maintenance of fish cages

LG Sonic  prevents the fouling of fish cages in open sea thereby drastically reducing maintenance to the fish cages and control algae in aquaculture.