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Assembly lubricants for Agriculture industry - Agriculture

P-80 Lubricants are the perfect solution for rubber assembly and repairs for agricultural equipment used by farmers, agricultural contractors, gardening specialists, equipment manufacturers and OEMs. P-80 has been used for years to maintain equipment and replace parts such as seals, O-rings, hoses, grommets, and plugs.

P-80 assists in the assembly and repair of:

  • Assembly of crop and fertilizer spraying systems
  • Assembly of irrigation systems
  • Assembly of agricultural equipment
  • Bushing applications on farm machinery
  • Manufacturing of lawn care equipment
  • Insertion of hand grips onto turf/lawn care equipment
  • Assembly of lawn & garden sprayers
  • Mulching equipment
  • Tire mounting on lawn & garden and agricultural equipment
  • Repair and maintenance of farm equipment – hoses, O-rings, grommets, seals
  • Pump seals/general pump maintenance
  • Tractor maintenance/repair
  • Seals and gaskets on farm equipment
  • Manufacturing of small engines for lawnmowers and lawn equipment

All of our P-80® Lubricants are environmentally friendly, non-hazardous, and non-flammable, making them safe for workers and most plastics, rubbers, and metals. P-80® is available in four ready-to-use industrial formulas, as well as two special formulas that are registered with the NSF as H1 lubricants approved for incidental food contact applications:

The charts below are designed to assist in determining the best P-80® formula for different applications. Each P-80® formula has unique properties designed to meet the needs of specific types of rubber and soft plastic assembly applications. For many assemblies, only one P-80® formula may resolve the assembly challenge. In other instances, more than one P-80® formula might work well. Some facilities may approve and use more than one formula depending on the application.