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Automatic Onion Root Cutting & Peeling Machine Line - Food and Beverage

The automatic onion peeling & root cutting machine line, as the name implies, can accomplish the whole process of onion root cutting as well as peeling process. The all-in-one machine is more suitable for processing any states onion one time no matter they are oval or flat, small or big, skin thick or thin, loose or tight, dry or wet. With high efficiency, low cost and easy operation, this onion processing line is widely used in vegetables processing. Product Link: Email:

Information of Onion Root Cutting and Peeling Machine Line
The automatic all-in-one processing machine can save a lot of labor cost, which is popular in vegetable processing industry. It generally includes three parts: onion root cutting machine, elevator and onion peeling machine, moreover root cutting machine and peeling machine can be used separately. Here let us analyze the three parts of onion processing production line.
1. Onion Root Cutting Machine
Onion root cutter machine can cut the onion roots without damage. It does not have special requirement for onions. Onion cutting by the machine is equivalent to manual cutting by ten workers and finished onions by the machine is smooth. This equipment has been widely used in vegetables processing industry.
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Amisy onion root cutter machine

2. Elevator
The elevator is responsible for onion transportation after onion tops and tails cutting. It is the necessary equipment to connect onion root cutting machine and onion peeler machine, to achieve automatic onion processing.
3. Onion Peeling Machine

Our automatic onion peeling machine is suitable for all kinds of onions. Onion peeler machine is designed for automatically removing the peels of onion to produce smooth onion without traces of cut and dent. It is driven by the air compress and equipped with the pneumatic working principle. Onions will be peeled by the spiral working and high-pressure air blow nozzle, then will be sent to discharge hole. And meanwhile the onion skins are blown away without making surgical incision in the onion skin.
? Technical Data of Onion Peeler Machine

Amisy Onion Peeler Machine



Working Steps of Onion Root Cutter and Peeler Machine Line
1. Raw materials are transported into tops & tails cutting machine by the conveyor.
2. Onions continuously go through the blades positioned precisely to cut off only what is necessary.
3. After tops and tails cutting, onions go into elevator and are transported into onion peeling machine.
4. When onions go into the peeler machine, they are released to the peeling device. Onions will be peeled, and then will be sent to discharge hole. And meanwhile the onion skins are blown away without making surgical incision in the onion skin.