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Determination of the carbendazim content in orange and other citrus juice produce - Food and Beverage - Beverage


Fungicide Carbendazim (Mercazole, Carbendazole) is widely used in agriculture to exterminate black mold (spot) on orange trees and treat fungus diseases of other fruit-bearing plants. According to the data of the World Health Organization, Carbendazim is toxic for liver, impacts reproductive system, and is considered to be a potentially cancerogenic compound. In most of the developed countries, the residual content of this fungicide is subject to national and international regulations. Researchers of LUMEX INSTRUMENTS, Ltd. have developed an analytical procedure for determination of the Carbendazim content in orange and other citrus juice produce using a capillary electrophoresis system CAPEL-105М.

The method is based on extraction of Carbendazim from a sample and its quantitative determination by capillary electrophoresis using detection at a wavelength of 200 nm.