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Acadian products have been field and greenhouse tested relentlessly for a quarter century on over 80 different crops worldwide. Such depth of testing has proven two things above all.

  • Acadian Products provide universal benefits including stress tolerance and stress recovery
  • Acadian Products help address specific desired outcomes based on each crops unique needs (For crop specific information, please see the Crops tab below)

Stress Resistance

Acadian products are proven to produce a healthier, more productive plant even in times of stress including drought, salinity and temperature. Acadian products improve your plants' ability to resist and better recover from stresses. This enhanced stress resistance and recovery has been demonstrated on a wide range of crops and plants. When a plant is treated with Acadian products before a stress occurs, the plant is better able to tolerate that physiological or environmental challenge. When trees or vines are treated following harvest, plants show enhanced recovery from the stress of harvest, are better prepared for dormancy and build reserves a strong next season. Plants treated with Acadian products are better able to make the most efficient use of water and nutrients giving you top crop production.

Root Growth and Plant Development

Improving plant development and root growth is vital to a crop's success. Growth, quality and yield all depend on a strong plant with a large, healthy root system. Acadian products have been tested on a variety of crops in the greenhouse and in the field and are proven to increase root and plant development. Give your crops the best start possible with Acadian products.

Nutrient Uptake

Acadian products help you get the most out of your fertilizer program. They help nutrients by enhancing root growth, encouraging healthy microbial populations and they contain natural sugars which serve as natural chelators. Acadian products help make the best possible use of nutrients and in doing so, significantly increase yield and quality.

Yield and Quality

Years of research has proven Acadian products maximize high quality crop yields. Improvements in yield have been demonstrated in both size and number of fruit. This increase in yield and quality has been demonstrated in a wide range of plants even during times of stress. Increasing yield while improving quality attributes, such as firmness, colour, size and crop uniformity, gives you the competitive edge and increased profits.

Natural Hormone Production

Plant hormones promote and influence the growth, development and differentiation of cells and tissues. Being able to understand and promote specific plant hormones at the right times can mean a healthier, more productive crop. Acadian products can elicit natural cytokinin and auxin production in plants resulting in better growth with more buds, healthier, greener leaves and increased tolerance to environmental stresses. Including Acadian products in your crop program improves cytokinin-like activity vital to plant health and crop yields including stimulating cell growth and division, shoot initiation and bud formation, leaf expansion and chlorophyll synthesis.


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