Delta-T Devices Ltd.

Soil moisture monitoring solution for plant science sector - Agriculture

Delta-T Devices has been providing high quality instrumentation for plant physiology and intercepted solar radiation studies for over 30 years. Our plant science products are renowned for their build quality, accuracy and ergonomics – and are used by researchers around the world. Our range includes instruments for measuring stomatal conductance, Leaf Area Index in crop canopies and forest canopies, and to quantify healthy/diseased/pest-damaged leaf area.

Our plant science measurement instruments include:

AP4 Porometer

The AP4 Porometer measures the stomatal conductance of plant leaves quickly and easily. It is a highly practical instrument for field work, being based on the cycling diffusion principle, which makes it possible to have a lightweight sensor head (130g) and to run quick calibration checks in the field.

WD3 WinDIAS Leaf Image Analysis System

WinDIAS 3 provides high speed measurement and analysis of leaf area and leaf features.

The system comprises a high resolution video camera, a light box and overhead lighting, or a scanner based system, and enables accurate measurement of total leaf area and percentage diseased/healthy leaf area, as well as perimeter, length, width and object count.

SS1 SunScan Canopy Analysis System

The SunScan canopy analyser is optimised for use in low canopies – including many types of agricultural crops. It permits rapid spatial averaging of large areas, and PAR mapping for non-uniform crops. The SunScan is usable in most weather conditions.

HemiView Forest Canopy Image Analysis System

The powerful HemiView Image analysis software estimates LAI, gap fraction, solar tracks and 30 other site factors and parameters. A Self Levelling Mount assists with exact horizontal camera orientation.