Sistema Azud, S.A.

Water filtration systems for agriculture industry - Agriculture

The main objective of AZUD is the development of technologies and products that allow the efficient use and the maximum profitability of a scarce resource as the water is. AZUD is among the world leaders regarding the manufacturing of irrigatioin, filtration and fertigation systems and it is involved in the development of the agriculture in the social, ecological and productive area. AZUD offers so much manufactured products as other irrigation elements to complete the system.

AZUD develops projects, designs, automations and starting up of irrigation installations or turn key water treatment projects.

AZUD supplies the neccesary products to the complete installation, plastics, screens, parts of greenhouses...

AZUD collaborates and acts as a consultant to the start up of irrigation companies.

AZUD is comited to the training with an offer of formation courses in irrigation and agriculture, to customers, distributors and AZUD professionals.