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  • Alga Sea Weed Extract Liquid
    Showcase Product

    Alga Sea Weed Extract Liquid

    By Organiksa SA

    Our products can be used in agricultural products, garden plants, fruit trees, ornamental plants, seeds and grains, as well as application from foliar and soil. Black Diamond Alga Sea Weed Extract is a liquid ...

  • Mixotrophe Reactor
    Showcase Product

    Mixotrophe Reactor

    By SEE ALGAE Technology GmbH (SAT)

    The design of the mixotrophe reactor is basically identical with the photo bio reactor, but operates with a reduced sunlight supply.An external carbon source supplements the existing CO2 supply.The mixotrophe process ...

  • Tower Garden - Aeroponic Technology
    Showcase Product

    Tower Garden - Aeroponic Technology

    By LA Urban Farms

    The Tower Garden is a patented vertical aeroponic food production system designed for urban farms, rooftop gardens, residential use, and commercial growing operations. Because of its vertical design, the system is space ...

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  • Algenol Biotech

    Algenol Biotech

    Algenol Biotech is a global industrial biotechnology company that offers leading edge capabilities in algae product development and manufacturing. ...

  • Culturing Solutions

    Culturing Solutions

    The scope of our projects include; implementing Carbon Capture from Ethanol Production, Power Generation, Concrete Manufacturing, and other ...

  • Algepower Inc.

    Algepower Inc.

    Founded in 2006 and headquartered in Montpelier, Vermont, Algepower is a producer of sustainable, renewable algoil and algae by-products. Our ...

  • National Alliance For Advanced Biofuels and Bio-Products (NAABB)

    National Alliance For Advanced Biofuels and Bio-Products (NAABB)

    The overall goal of the National Alliance for Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts consortium is to produce new technologies that can be implemented by ...

  • c-biotech


    Company based in Greater Copenhagen. We propose a strong solution to help optimizing biogas production, pig farming and cell disruption for algae ...