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  • Homemade Organic Fertilizer

    Homemade Organic Fertilizer

    Making your own organic plant food is easy and fun. It should be noted that most people understand that the best way to get good garden soil is to compost to amend the soil. Plants fertilizers purchased from the local garden center often contain chemicals that may harm your plants, and are not environmentally friendly. Nearly all organic waste go directly to the trash can or garbage disposal; a ...

  • Organic fertilizer production line

    Organic fertilizer production line

    As China's professional organic fertilizer manufacturing process manufacturer,we can provide all the details to investors for free who wants to start organic fertilizer production business. our ...


  • Fertilizers – a growing threat to sea life

    Fertilizers – a growing threat to sea life

    A rise in carbon emissions is not the only threat to the planet. Changes to the nitrogen cycle, caused in large part by the widespread use of fertilizers, are also damaging both water quality and aquatic life. These concerns are highlighted by ...

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  • Liquid seaweed extract 100% Ascophyllum Nodosum

    Liquid seaweed extract 100% Ascophyllum Nodosum

    AlgeaFert Liquid is a liquid alkaline algae extract with the maximum content of nutritional elements. It contains 32% of algae extract in terms of weight/weight. Thanks to the content of phyto-ingredients and high miscibility, it represents an excellent ingredient for special fertilisers or biostimulants.