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Algae Harvesting equipment for Aquaculture

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    Calmin - Supplemental Source of Calcium and Magnesium for Animal Feed

    Calmin is manufactured from calcareous marine algae, which is harvested from clean, unpolluted waters off the coasts of Ireland and Iceland. It is a source of  minerals deposited within its structure by the sea, especially calcium and magnesium. Thanks to its unique honeycombed physical structure and large surface area, Calmin breaks down ...

    By Feedworks USA, Ltd. based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA).

  • Necton - Microalgae Cultivation Technology

    After more than two decades of microalgae cultivation, several technologies were installed and operated in our site, such as raceways, closed photobioreactors (PBRs), and even Greenwalls (GW). Necton is perhaps the only company in the world that has tested so many different technologies, ranging from closed to open systems.

    By Necton SA based in Olhão, PORTUGAL.

  • Kimle - Algae-Based Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

    Algae-based treatment in recirculating aquaculture provides the opportunity to capture nutrients rather than to simply “treat”.

    By Kimle Aquaculture based in Ames, IOWA (USA).

  • BERKY - Model Type 6520 - Weed Harvester

    Powerful and maneuverable aquatic weed harvester for cutting and harvesting water weed (like Algae, Pondweed, Watermilfoil, Hydrilla, Water hyacinth (Eichhornia), e.g.) Trash, debris and wood on small channels, rivers and lakes. Effective system, the aquatic weed harvester cut and collect in one process. Operating by one person. Excellent ...

    By Anton Berkenheger GmbH & Co. KG based in Haren/Emmeln, GERMANY. from Boats Product line

  • Model 2017 - Algae Harvesting Technology

    An easy- to- follow Guide for new developers

    By Advanced Biofuel Center based in Jaipur, INDIA.

  • NAABB - Algae Harvesting And Concentration

    It is well accepted that the development of cost-effective and energy efficient harvesting and lipid extraction technologies will make a major impact to this industry. Therefore, NAABB is investing in the development of harvesting technologies using innovative acoustic focusing, hybrid capacitive deionization/electro deionization systems and new ...

  • Algae Technology

    Harnessing the power of microorganisms is a hallmark of human technical advancement. In the 21st century, micro-algae have the potential to radically alter the way we live, similar to the exploitation of yeast and bacteria did in its time.

    By Solarvest BioEnergy Inc. based in Summerville, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (CANADA). from Technology Product line

  • Algent - Model MR - Algae Harvester

    ALGENT, a division of ALGIX, has developed a custom built mobile algae harvesting platform. Our harvesters use dissolved air flotation in a high efficiency design to separate algae biomass from water. The harvester is deployed to ponds or lakes that have high algae concentrations to convert the dilute green water into an algae dense slurry. ...

    By Algix, LLC. based in Meridian, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Other Products Product line

  • Olmix - Model MT.X+ - Natural Toxin Binder

    Olmix mycotoxin binders associate specific algae and clays to efficiently reduce the impact of mycotoxins, including the most difficult to bind toxins, such as fusarium. The MT.x+ toxin binder is incorporated directly into the feed or premix

    By Olmix Group based in BREHAN, FRANCE. from Animal Care Product line

  • AlgEternal - Superior Harvesting Technology

    AlgEternal has selected the OriginClear* Algae Harvester as its primary technology for harvesting algae. One of the critical steps in the microalgae business is getting the algae out of the liquid medium in which they are grown. The OriginClear* algae harvester gets microalgae out of liquid better than any other harvester we know. OriginClear's ...

    By AlgEternal Technologies, LLC based in La Grange, TEXAS (USA).

  • OP Weed Harvester

    OP Weed Harvester is a patent product which efficiently removes algae and water weeds from sea, lakes, ponds and rivers. The robust simplicity of the OP Weed Harvester can tackle the most arduous of aquatic weed tasks in a swift and highly productive manner. It is very maneuverable on the water and designed to be easily transported off the ...

    By Skimmer Technology AS based in Søgne, NORWAY.

  • Catvis - Artemia Cysts

    First feeding of fish larvae is crucial for the success of a hatchery. Survival and proper development of the larvae are dramatically influenced by the quality of the first feed. The feed used has to be attractive to the fishlarvae, it should be nutritionally balanced, it should be small enough so that larvae can ingest it and very important, ...

    By Catvis B.V. based in `s-Hertogenbosch, NETHERLANDS. from Larval Feed Product line

  • algae - Harvesting System

    With strategic partner KEMIRA, SAT has developed a special flocculation method to reach algae concentrations of 60 grams or more per liter. This process is carried out after mixotrophic growth has finished.This flocculation process creates ideal conditions for the harvester .SAT is a licensee of Algae Venture Systems algae harvesting system and ...

    By SEE ALGAE Technology GmbH (SAT) based in Vienna, AUSTRIA.

  • Algae PBR - Algae Photobioreactor

    ALGAE PHOTOBIOREACTOR: SMALL SCALE ALGAE HARVESTINGCJP has developed a unique Photobioreactor for demonstration and testing purpose and all prospective companies/organization should install the demonstration plant to start with algae so they can customize the mix of algae species and nutrients for the climatic conditions and water quality of the ...

    By Advanced Biofuel Center based in Jaipur, INDIA.

  • LiveFuels - Making Sustainable & Cost effective Fuel

    LiveFuels is developing an integrated approach to growing, harvesting and processing algal biomass into fuels and other valuable co-products. Our solution uses the productivity of natural aquatic life to fundamentally resolve challenges of cost, risk and scalability.

    By Live Fuels Inc based in San Carlos, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • A4F - Lisbon Experimental Pilot Unit

    Support Client and R&D projects at pilot scale production: from inoculum to product!

    By A4F based in Lisboa, PORTUGAL. from Other Products Product line

  • Greensea - Living Phytoplankton Liquid

    After harvesting, the concentration of microalgae is standardized. Packaging is carried out in a Nitrogen atmosphere. They are then refrigerated and kept at a temperature of 4°C. Their “best before” shelf life is 3 weeks at 10°C. Fresh microalgae concentrate can be used diluted or undiluted with its nutritional intact value, ...

    By Greensea based in Mèze, FRANCE. from Aquaculture Product line

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