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  • Algae Photobioreactor
    Showcase Product

    Algae Photobioreactor

    By Phenometrics, Inc.

    Phenometrics products enable scientists to study algae under the same conditions found outdoors in the ponds, but in the much more efficient confines of the laboratory. Each computer-controlled PBR101 uses breakthrough ...

  • Alqae Control System
    Showcase Product

    Alqae Control System

    By Best Livestock Equipment

    Finally an effective, natural product that keeps algae out of stock tanks, waterers & ponds. The Stock Tank Water Cleaner is veterinarian approved and is completely safe for all livestock, wildlife & fish. Made ...

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  • Ecologel Solutions, LLC

    Ecologel Solutions, LLC

    Ecologel Solutions, LLC is an Ocala, Florida-based manufacturing company specializing in the production of environmentally responsible chemistries ...

  • Commercial Algae Management

    Commercial Algae Management

    Commercial Algae Management is proud to be the world`s only complete algae solution provider. We have tailored the services we provide to not only ...

  • Sapphire Energy

    Sapphire Energy

    Global demand for affordable, scalable, and sustainable sources of animal feed, food, and energy products are growing well beyond what today’s ...

  • LG Sonic

    LG Sonic

    Since 1999, LG Sonic has been a leading international manufacturer of ultrasonic algae control and biofouling prevention systems. More than 10 years ...

  • Bioverse, Inc

    Bioverse, Inc

    Bioverse has been solving water problems, from big to small for over ten years. Over this period of time many people with pond algae thought they had ...