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  • Durable Grades Algae Solaplast
    Showcase Product

    Durable Grades Algae Solaplast

    By Algix, LLC.

    Base resin: Durable – High Impact PolyStyrene (HIPS). Algae Loading: up to 45%. Product Conversion: Sheet extrusion and Thermoforming, injection molding. Character: Strong, rigid, tough, moderate flexibility, ...

  • 100% Celled Algae and High Protein Species
    Showcase Product

    100% Celled Algae and High Protein Species

    By Aquafauna Bio-Marine, Inc. (ABM)

    A revolutionary algae replacement is now available for complete or partial use.  Composed of heterotrophic and phototrophic species, vitamins, attractants, and pigmentation, new AlgaMac Protein Plus is the latest ...

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  • Algae and their Biotechnological Potential

    Algae are important organisms that include seaweeds and a number of single-celled and multicellular microscopic forms. Algae are ubiquitous; they ...

  • Atlas of Chrysophycean Cysts

    Chrysophycean algae are a diverse and often abundant group of primarily freshwater phytoplankton, characterized by the endogenous formation of ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • CanaQuest


    CanaQuest Medical Corp is engaged in the development of proprietary research and products utilizing cannabis oil combined with other botanical and ...

  • Celtic Sea Minerals

    Celtic Sea Minerals

    Celtic Sea Minerals have been leading the field globally for over 25 years now. Marine algae grows in the relatively shallow and clear, unpolluted ...

  • Benchmark Holdings plc

    Benchmark Holdings plc

    We are a pioneering innovation company operating in the aquaculture, agriculture and animal health sectors. Benchmark`s ability to innovate, develop ...

  • Algaetech International Sdn Bhd

    Algaetech International Sdn Bhd

    Algaetech has started since April 2004 (Algaetech Sdn Bhd) and its activities are in the field of microalgae research, development and consultancy ...

  • Nutra-Kol

    Nutra-Kol has several lines of products developed specifically for aquaculture, marine hatcheries and marine ornamental organisms. The aquaculture ...