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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Composting on the New York Highline

    Friends of the High Line will be taking their composting program to a new level using cutting-edge technology to compost in only 14 days. The Rocket composter technology allows for a continuous process of feeding it daily while constantly aerating the mass inside the vessel, producing high enough temperatures to kill pathogens. Friends of the High Line ...

  • Stock management of animal feed

    MonoScan for Stock Management of Animal Feed MonoScan provides a reliable and accurate continuous level indication of animal feed in Kfar Vitkin, Israel. This is one of the largest feed mills in the ...


  • The 27th FeHoVa closed successfully

    The 27th FeHoVa closed successfully

    This year, the 27th FEHOVA, the greatest gathering of the hunters, anglers and nature-lovers of the Carpathian Basin, was concluded with over 50 thousand visitors. Nearly 300 exhibitors were present in the two pavilions of the HUNGEXPO Budapest ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Mini Loader Stockpiler

    Mini Loader Stockpiler

    Designed with a low level hopper the MLS has been engineered so that it can be fed directly by small – medium sized loaders (Caterpillar, Bobcat, Manitou). This removes the need for double handling of materials. It also results in massive time saving of up to  50% compared to filling the hauler via a loader.