Aquaculture Broodstock

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Aquacultural biotechnology in Thailand: the case of the shrimp industry

    For the past decade, Thailand has been the leading exporter of shrimp and shrimp products to the world market and the income generated contributes substantially to the Thai economy. There are more than one million people employed directly or indirectly by the industry. At present, there is forceful competition due to price differences among major shrimp growing countries and due to new ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Plug and Play African Catfish Broodstock System

    Plug and Play African Catfish Broodstock System

    This smaller brother of the African catfish broodstock system is specifically designed for the Plug and Play African catfish system range. The African catfish broodstock is kept in excellent condition in the African catfish broodstock system Plug and Play. The African catfish broodstock system Plug and Play allows full control on your African catfish broodstock fish. The combination of perfect ...


Upcoming Events

  • Aquaculture Europe 2019

    Aquaculture Europe 2019

    The German aquaculture sector is unique in its diversity, ranging from extensive cultivation systems in ponds and coastlines to intense indoor farming. The annual aquaculture production of fish and mussels accounts for 33,000 tonnes. Main finfish species common carp and other cyprinids are produced in warm water ponds, rainbow trout and other salmonids in flow-through and raceways systems. ...

Aquaculture Europe 2019

Oct. 6rd - 9th | Berlin