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  • Catfish Feed Production Formulation & Process

    Catfish Feed Production Formulation & Process

    As is known to all, catfish has quite high nutritional value due to its good taste, delicate meat quality and its better dietary therapy function for those ill nourished people. With the sweet flavor and warm in property, catfish is in favor of urinating and treating edema, becoming good item to promote lactation and essential food material

  • Canadian Aquaculture Industry: A Brief Outline

    Deep Trekker is closely involved with fish farms around the world providing a reliable and easy to use inspection solution for submerged aquaculture structures. We proudly offer farmers a tool that ...


  • Be a part of the Global Food Solution

    Be a part of the Global Food Solution

    Demand for fish protein is on the increase due to population growth and is putting more pressure on both marine and fresh water stocks. More than 33% of ocean fishing is fully exploited due to overfishing (the practice of commercial and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Recirculation Aquaculture System

    Recirculation Aquaculture System

    Indoor Recirculation Aquaculture System are land-based fish farms, which allows all year round control and delivery of fish. Whether the facility will use fresh water, brackish or a marine water, an R.A.S works on the same principles. The system can achieve optimal temperature and optimal and stable production all year round, independent of seasonal variation, location, climate and environment.