Aquaculture Damage

Equipment & Solutions

  • Top Box
    Showcase Product

    Top Box

    By Ace Aquatec Ltd

    The unique algorithm in the US3 top box randomizes the sound production to reduce the chances of seals habituating and increase the effectiveness of the deterring noise. A robust and user friendly design allows ...

  • Seal Scarer
    Showcase Product

    Seal Scarer

    By Proteus S.A. - Nireus Group

    The Seal Scarer is an acoustic seal repellent system. The sound produced by the Seal Scarer has been proved effective in keeping seal at a good distance from fish farms etc. The system consists of a control unit and a ...

  • Harsh Environment and Cage Mounted Shells
    Showcase Product

    Harsh Environment and Cage Mounted Shells

    By Ace Aquatec Ltd

    The harsh environment and cage mounted shells are designed to provide maximum protection for the top box and cabling, while maintaining easy accessibility to controls and data. For farms wishing to regularly rotate the ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Diopas S.A.

    Diopas S.A.

    Diopas S.A. is a specialized company in terms of the net and his creations. Specifically, manufactures and sells fish nets, fishing nets, nets for ...

  • OxyGuard International A/S

    OxyGuard International A/S

    OxyGuard has been a dedicated leader in providing water quality measuring, monitoring and control equipment for aquaculture industry. Today, we ...

  • Aquaculture Technology

    Aquaculture Technology

    Aquaculture Technology leads in consulting & planning, chemicals & hormons, diets & feeds, eggs & frys. Fish farming Systems and fish farming ...