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  • Electric Nets
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    Electric Nets

    By Ace Aquatec Ltd

    Ace Aquatec`s patented electric nets can be deployed as an extra defense against determined or deaf predators. Using an electric field we can create an uncomfortable sensation when the seal attempts to steal fish from ...

  • Anti-Predator Nets
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    Anti-Predator Nets

    By INTERMAS Group

    Predators attacks in vertical systems crops has become a very common problem in most mussel and oyster farms, specially in Long Lines production (in open sea), but also in bays and near the shore.

  • Aquaculture Nets Antifouling Coating
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    Aquaculture Nets Antifouling Coating

    By Mørenot Aquaculture AS

    NetKem antifouling - best against fouling, best for the environment. MøreNot chose NetKem as a business partner based on the company`s many years of experience and extensive test programme. Netwax water-based net ...

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  • AUMS Ltd

    An online resource for aquaculture insurance buyers and industry professionals. AUMS Ltd was founded in 1982 to provide services related to ...

  • Retificio Ribola Giovanni snc

    Retificio Ribola Giovanni snc

    For over thirty years the Retificio Ribola is present in the aquaculture sector with the production and packaging of cages for fish farming, ...

  • Haverford Pty Ltd

    Haverford Pty Ltd

    Haverford supply a large range of netting, rope and tackle used for: fishing, decoration, aquaculture, safety, bird control, sports and more. ...

  • Garware Wall Ropes Limited

    Garware Wall Ropes Limited

    Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd. (GWRL) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company established in 1976 and has flourished into a front-runner technical textile ...

  • PatoGen Analyse AS

    PatoGen Analyse AS

    Patogen Analyse as is a biotechnology company that develops and sells gene technology analyses that are used to reduce disease-related loss in the ...