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  • Micronutrients for Aquaculture

    Micronutrients for Aquaculture

    MICROBE-LIFT®/Nutri-Pack contains the full complement of essential minerals and micronutrients required by almost all beneficial microorganisms, especially nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria. By assuring that these beneficial microorganisms are not deficient in any essential minerals or micronutrients, the beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms in your pond, lagoon or wastewater system ...

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  • European Animal Microbiome Congress 2020

    European Animal Microbiome Congress 2020

    The European Animal Microbiome Congress brings together leading veterinary researchers, innovative biotechnology companies, feed and strain manufacturers, animal breeders and producers, animal pharmaceutical companies, regulatory bodies, and cutting-edge solution providers to showcase the latest commercially viable research focusing on manipulating the animal microbiome, form successful product ...