Aquaculture Feeders

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  • Flexi Aquaculture Feed Cannon
    Showcase Product

    Flexi Aquaculture Feed Cannon

    By Steinsvik AS

    Our Flexi feed cannon concept was developed in 1991 and we have since supplied over 600 systems to companies in Norway and abroad. The machine is extremely gentle with the pellet, easy to control and can be adapted to ...

  • Aquaculture Subfeeder
    Showcase Product

    Aquaculture Subfeeder

    By Steinsvik AS

    The Subfeeder is one of our newest products. It is a product developed for feeding fish below the lice belt. In addition, you can feed every day without being dependent of weather condition (wind/current). It can be ...

  • Automatic Fish Feeder with Spread Disc
    Showcase Product

    Automatic Fish Feeder with Spread Disc

    By Ffaz Automatic Fish Feeder

    Precise and regular feeding amounts. Scattering range 2-12 meters.Cable length about loom feasible.Feed size 0.2 mm -10 mm.Scattering propeller & auger motor infinitely standby mode => energy ...

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Companies & Suppliers

  • R&B Aquatic Distribution, Inc.

    R&B Aquatic Distribution, Inc.

    R&B Aquatic Distribution, Inc. leads in equipment & services for the aquarium & aquaculture industries. Panel Tanks for Aquaculture. Raceways for ...

  • ASAKUA Su Urunleri Ltd.

    Turnkey fish farming solutions. Plastic fish cages. Steel fish cages. Fish cages. Fish farm nets. Fish farm nets washers. Fish tanks. Fish feeders. ...

  • Senect GmbH & Co. KG

    Senect GmbH & Co. KG

    SENECT developed the technology which allows the control of all processes in fish farms! The modular control system consists of sensors, which ...

  • Team Aqua Corporation

    Team Aqua Corporation

    Team Aqua Corporation is established in 1989 when the shrimp white spot virus started to widely affect the shrimp farms in Taiwan. With the strong ...

  • aquaFUTURE e.K.

    aquaFUTURE e.K.

    aquaFUTURE e.K. specialist in fish feeders, aquaculture consulting, fish cage systems, recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS), incubators, fish egg ...