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  • ‘Redesign’ aquaculture for the future says funder

    THE aquaculture industry needs a ‘complete redesign’ if it is to meet a global requirement to triple production by 2050 and feed a growing world population.That is the thinking behind Aqua-Spark, the Netherlands based aquaculture fund that invests in sustainable growth in the sector.Amy Novogratz, speaking on the opening day of the Aquaculture Innovation Europe

  • Why Shrimp Farming? OsmoBot’s Story

    Our MissionWe believe that to save our oceans, we need to allow shrimp farming to outcompete with wild capture in terms of quality, taste, sustainability, and price.Who We AreZach Stein (CEO) and ...


  • Future Fish Eurasia 2018

    MAT Filtration Technologies welcomes you to the FUTURE FISH EURASIA 2018. The Future Fish expo takes place between the 18th and 20th of October 2018 in the city of Izmir, Turkey. The event is the 9th International Fair for Fish Imports/Exports and ...

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  • Saltwater Master Test Kit

    Saltwater Master Test Kit

    Aquaculture: Maintaining good water quality is essential for profitable fish production. In many cases, the availability and cost of "crop" insurance is directly related to testing programs. We offer a choice of six reliable models, from color cube and disc methods to DR/800 and DR/2400 Spectrophotometer platforms.