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  • How To Start A Catfish Farming In Nigeria

    How To Start A Catfish Farming In Nigeria

    Catfish farming in Nigeria is the cultivation of one or more finned fish primarily for commercial purposes. In this article, you will learn how to start your own successful catfish farming business in Nigeria. We will provide you with all catfish farming tips so you can start your own catfish farming for profit. In terms of aquaculture, catfish farming is the most profitable in Nigeria. By ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Aquaculture Lamella Separator

    Aquaculture Lamella Separator

    The separation of sludge in recirculation aquaculture systems can be enhanced and made more economical with the TUBEdek lamella separators. A TUBEdek installation results in a plant with a smaller foot print compared to more traditional methods of settlement.

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  • European Animal Microbiome Congress 2020

    European Animal Microbiome Congress 2020

    The European Animal Microbiome Congress brings together leading veterinary researchers, innovative biotechnology companies, feed and strain manufacturers, animal breeders and producers, animal pharmaceutical companies, regulatory bodies, and cutting-edge solution providers to showcase the latest commercially viable research focusing on manipulating the animal microbiome, form successful product ...

EuroTier 2021

Feb. 9rd - 12th | Hanover