Aquaculture Mortality

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  • What Are Benefits Of Fish Farming Business?

    What Are Benefits Of Fish Farming Business?

    Fish farming is basically the commercial raising of fish in tanks and ponds for food production. Commercial fish farming has established profitable commercial opportunities worldwide. It is well known that fish is an important source of food and protein, so the demand and price of fish and fish-related products have increased rapidly along with population growth. ...


  • ASC Responds to Fish Welfare Report

    ASC Responds to Fish Welfare Report

    Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) has today responded to a report about animal welfare standards in the aquaculture industry. The ASC standards include a number of requirements for animal welfare. By choosing seafood with the ASC logo, consumers ...

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  • Aquaculture Waste Incinerators

    Aquaculture Waste Incinerators

    Bio-hazards can be catastrophic in the fish farming and aquaculture industries. Incineration is still seen as the most reliable and cost effective solution to this ongoing problem. Once you have commissioned an Inciner8 incinerator, any outbreaks or contaminations can be quickly spotted and dealt with using the incinerator at source. Livestock therefore suffers less, while the livestock industry ...