Aquaculture Nets

Equipment & Solutions

  • Dip Nets
    Showcase Product

    Dip Nets

    By Christensen Net Works (CNW)

    CNW manufactures dip nets to meet any specification and for any fish from fry to adult. Materials such as stainless steel and aluminum are available for frames and handles. We fabricate custom netting bags from ...

  • Grow Out Bags
    Showcase Product

    Grow Out Bags

    By Industrial Netting

    Fabricate your own Grow-Out Bags using Tubular Aquaculture Nets. Available in standard hole sizes from 1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inch to do the job you need while providing maximum water flow to your crop. Tubular Aquaculture ...

  • Braided Twine Net
    Showcase Product

    Braided Twine Net

    By Van Beelen Group bv

    D16 twine, 3 times as strong as nylon, is manufactured as netting twine for the many net products (for trawling, aquaculture, building industry, defense industry). D16 twine has:

Companies & Suppliers

  • NetKem AS

    NetKem AS is a company that develops and delivers products to fisheries and aquaculture. The main products are preservatives for aquaculture nets, ...

  • Steen-Hansen


    Steen-Hansen develops and produces specialised coatings for industry and challenging environments both on shore and at sea. The company aims to be a ...