Aquaculture Nets

Equipment & Solutions

  • Knitted Shellfish Bags
    Showcase Product

    Knitted Shellfish Bags

    By Industrial Netting

    Send oysters, mussels, or clams to market in knitted mesh produce bags. Choose from a variety of colors in hexagonal or diamond patterns to accent your cultured shellfish package. The uniform size of our knitted net ...

  • Twisted Net
    Showcase Product

    Twisted Net

    By Van Beelen Group bv

    This netting -three times as strong as nylon- is successfully used for many different purposes, such as: (bottom and pelagic) trawls,  aquaculture, building industry netting, and defense ...

  • Clam Netting
    Showcase Product

    Clam Netting

    By Industrial Netting

    Select from our complete range of strong, durable plastic netting for protection of your valuable clam beds. Hard clams, (mercenaria) round clams, quahogs, littlenecks, cherrystones, chowder clams, as well as oysters ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • NetKem AS

    NetKem AS is a company that develops and delivers products to fisheries and aquaculture. The main products are preservatives for aquaculture nets, ...

  • Steen-Hansen


    Steen-Hansen develops and produces specialised coatings for industry and challenging environments both on shore and at sea. The company aims to be a ...