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  • What Are the Common Habits of Silver Arowana?

    What Are the Common Habits of Silver Arowana?

    The Silver Arowana (Scientific Name: Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) is relatively large in size, strong in body, fast in growth rate, and large in food intake.They like to live in weakly acidic or neutral soft water. The best living water temperature is between 24℃ - 28℃. They like to eat animal bait. Studies have found that Silver Arowanas are docile and have the strongest fertility among ...


  • All for forests, forests for all!

    All for forests, forests for all!

    An unprecedented large group of governments, companies, NGOs and indigenous peoples groups called for action to protect and restore the world’s forests. In a declaration launched at this week’s UN climate talks in New York, targets are

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fish Handling Screen

    Fish Handling Screen

    S.I.M.P.L.E. fish screens are supplied as dual flow, dual flow conversion and thru-flow models. The unique design provides for the natural tendency of juvenile fish to seek shelter in the integrated buckets when caught in the flow of an intake. The screen rotates the fish to deck level where a series of gentle sprays channels the fish into a trough, then back to their source water. The Brackett ...