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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Fish Farm Upgrade in India - Case Study

    AquaLifeNet has helped the Sultan Fish Farm in India to upgrade and expand their fish farming operation to produce a more valuable crop using our unique aquaculture system.The Sultan Farm is located in the town of Butana in the Haryana district north of Delhi. They had been growing an annual crop of 15-20 tonnes of carp fish in earth ponds, but they decided to expand and cr


  • Taking stock of wild salmon

    A NEW scheme aimed at boosting stocks of wild salmon is explained in a special Fish Farmer podcast by Jon Gibb, fishery manager of the River Lochy and director of the Lochaber District Salmon Fishery Board.Working with Mowi, Scotland’s biggest ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fish Juveniles

    Fish Juveniles

    Realizing the importance of vertical integration, Nireus invested from the very early in own production of Fish Juveniles together with our other activities. This way we have succeeded in being self-sufficient in terms of Fish Juvenile requirements, which are supplied to our on-growing farms. At the same time we supply Fish Juveniles to a significant number of customers in Greece and abroad who ...