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  • Fish Farming Pen
    Showcase Product

    Fish Farming Pen

    By Fusion Marine Limited

    Oceanflex 315 is the fish farm pen of choice for aquaculture companies operating on a wide variety of marine sites. These heavy duty, all polyethylene pens are built on the security and safety of Fusion Marine’s ...

  • Acoustic Fish Transmitters
    Showcase Product

    Acoustic Fish Transmitters

    By Lotek Wireless Inc

    These systems permit the unique identification of over 80,000 individual animals. Both ID-only and ID plus sensors (temperature, pressure/depth or motion) can be simultaneously monitored and recorded. Unique CDMA coding ...

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  • Mainstream Aquaculture

    Mainstream Aquaculture produces premium Barramundi grown in pristine spring water extracted from geothermal basins well below the earth’s surface. ...

  • SEAPA Pty Ltd.

    SEAPA Pty Ltd.

    SEAPA Pty Ltd specialises in plastic aquaculture products, in particular oyster baskets which are purpose built to simplify and increase the ...

  • Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd.

    Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd.

    Poseidon Ocean Systems collaboratively and creatively develops environmentally sound reliable solutions that increase yields and reduce the costs of ...

  • AKVA Group

    AKVA Group

    AKVA group is a leading technology and service partner to the aquaculture industry worldwide. AKVA group is present in all markets with offices in ...

  • Aqua Production Systems Incorporated

    Aqua Production Systems Incorporated

    Aqua Production Systems Incorporated provide solutions for aquaculture and other aquatic operations facing technical decisions or challenges. Our ...