Aquaculture Probiotics

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Probiotics vs. Enzymes: Understanding Your Aquaculture Products

    We believe the future of aquaculture nutrition, disease management, and environmental treatment is biological. At QB Labs, we’re constantly looking at the effects of various microorganisms to replace antibiotics, augment natural fish/shrimp biological processes, and improve environmental impacts of commercial aquaculture. While educating customers on our products, we’re often asked ...


  • Meet Lallemand Animal Nutrition at Eurotier

    Meet Lallemand Animal Nutrition at Eurotier

    Lallemand Animal Nutrition, a primary manufacturer and major supplier of silage inoculants, probiotics and yeast derivatives, will be exhibiting its products and services at EuroTier 2016, November 15-18, in Hannover, Germany. Visitors are also ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Fish Hydrolysate Fertilizer

    Fish Hydrolysate Fertilizer

    This cold-processed, live and nutrient-rich Fish hydrolysate fertilizer is 100% natural, and is not sterilized with high heat like emulsion.