Aquaculture Regulations

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  • Sustainable & Effective Growth Promoter
    Showcase Product

    Sustainable & Effective Growth Promoter

    By ADDCON GmbH

    Recently, growing awareness from consumers and producers of aquaculture species has resulted in calls for responsible and sustainable aquaculture. Public opinion and regulation authorities in most countries focus now on ...

  • Recirculation Control System
    Showcase Product

    Recirculation Control System

    By Cowex A/S

    Automatic Control and Regulation. Supervision & Alarm System. Production of Electrical Switchboards. Designing of Control System. Control Units. Programming of the Control. Visualisation and Supervision.

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  • Seamaster Fishing Supplies

    Seamaster Fishing Supplies

    At Seamaster Fishing Supplies we pride ourselves on quality service, superior products and a strong knowledge of the aquaculture, commercial and ...

  • Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance

    Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance

    Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) is the national association that speaks for Canada’s seafood farmers, representing their interests in ...

  • Greensea


    In the context of protection of a unique environment, and thanks to the vision and work of Yves Pietrasanta (Mayor of Mèze and President of the ...

  • Agromed Pte. Ltd.

    Agromed Pte. Ltd.

    An initiative to market a bio-organic stimulant more than two decades ago has gradually grown into what the world calls as Agromed Pte. Ltd. Today, ...

  • AQUI-S New Zealand Ltd.

    AQUI-S New Zealand Ltd.

    AQUI-S is an aquatic anaesthetic that has been developed to give flexibility and control in animal husbandry, transporting and harvesting operations. ...