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Aquaculture Services equipment for Aquaculture

  • Liventia - Model PWC-1 - Completely Natural Biological Product

    PWC-1 is a completely natural biological product, designed to improve water quality and inhibit pathogens in commercial aquariums. PWC-1 contains 18 species of beneficial microorganisms, which have not been genetically modified, belonging to the genus Acinetobacter, Bacillus, Citrobacter, Enterococcus, Nitratireductor, Pseudomonas and ...

    By Liventia based in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS (USA). from Aquaculture and Aquariums Product line

  • Fishmatik - Model Capacity 30l - Pendulum Feeder Reflex for Pond Fish, Hopper

    The pendulum feeder reflex is used for carp, trout, catfish and other types of pond fish. The principle of operation is based on fish reflexes: the fish itself activates the feeder by touching the pendulum rod. The carp feeder does not require electricity, does not rust and does not require annual maintenance. The pond fish feeder is equipped with ...

    By Fishmatik based in UKRAINE. from Auto Fish Feeder Product line

  • Aquarian - Aquaculture Surface Aerator

    The Aquarian Aquaculture is a floating surface aerator specifically designed to increase oxygen levels in aquaculture applications. Properly aerating a pond or body of water in an aquaculture setting means the water is healthy for fish or prawns and has the right amount of oxygen for optimal results. Paying close attention to water ...

    By Air-O-Lator Corporation based in GRANDVIEW, MISSOURI (USA). from Surface Aerators Product line

  • MAT - Recirculating Aquaculture Skid Filtration Unit (RAS)

    The MAT Recirculating aquaculture skid filtration system is a complete filtration unit designed for simple Recirculating Aquaculture operation, with the smallest footprint and minimum energy consumption. The Units are equipped to provide complete mechanical, biological, chemical and disinfection water treatment. RAS Skid Units integrate automated ...

    By MAT Recirculating Aquaculture Systems based in Izmir, TURKEY. from Equipment Product line

  • Qingdao - Model 3 - Silo

    The silo is used for feed storage in large and medium-sized farms, in the outlet with the feeding equipment, can send the feed to the inside feed line.

    By Qingdao Deba Brothers Machinery Co., Ltd. based in Chengyang District, CHINA. from Feeding Product line

  • Aquameasure - Model DO - Aquaculture Oxygen Sensor

    Temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO) are critically important to optimize feeding and maintain healthy fish. Unfortunately, monitoring these parameters with existing solutions is very challenging. Traditional cabled solutions are difficult to install, prone to failure under rough seas and require expensive and cumbersome pen furniture to support ...

    By Realtime Aquaculture based in Bedford, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Aquaculture Underwater Wireless Sensors Product line

  • OsmoBot - Aquaculture Operating System

    Osmo automates water quality monitoring so you can focus on improving growth rates and yield. Catch dangerous trends before they become a problem with our simple and affordable system.

    By Osmo Systems based in Oakland, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Tarpaulins / Hoods and Covers

    We supply the best tarpaulins on the market, tailored around your needs. NWP supplies tarpaulins for industry and aquaculture. All our products are of the very best quality, and designed to withstand Norwegian weather conditions.

    By Norwegian Weather Protection AS (NWP) based in Seim, NORWAY. from Aquaculture Product line

  • Oxymore

    Fish and Shrimps are nocturnal in habit, during the daytime they bury themselves in the mud. The abnormal condition of the pond bottom with depleted Oxygen conditions results in restless behavior in shrimps that forces them to reach the edges of the pond during the daytime. Prevalence of such conditions for a longer duration leads to the death of ...

    By Agromed Pte. Ltd. based in Singapore, SINGAPORE. from Aqua Products Product line

  • Kimle - Algae-Based Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

    Algae-based treatment in recirculating aquaculture provides the opportunity to capture nutrients rather than to simply “treat”.

    By Kimle Aquaculture based in Ames, IOWA (USA).

  • EnviroDEFENSE - Model ED 0302.1 - PurPond Aquaculture

    EnviroDEFENSE PurPond Aquaculture is designed for use in fish and prawn ponds, lakes and lagoons where organic odors and organic accumulations are a problem. Contains naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes, which have been selected and produced for their ability to break down organic matter and reduce ammonia accumulations through a natural ...

    By BCMbio, LLC based in Armada, MICHIGAN (USA). from Pond & Lake Product line

  • Aquatic - Model ABS-SF-H - Aquaculture Microbial Probiotic Dry Biodigester for Shrimp Hatcheries

    ABS-SF-H is scientifically designed for use in aquaculture where toxic gases and organic waste accumulations are a problem. ABS-SF-H contains naturally-occurring beneficial microorganisms that are capable of producing a high concentration of enzymes, with the ability to degrade organic matter and reduce hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, nitrite, and ...

    By Aquatic BioScience based in Fort Bragg, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Aquaculture Treatment Products Product line

  • PE - Model 100 - Black Twin-Wall Sheets

    High heat stability, UV-stabilised, creep strength at 50 years, 20°C, medium water = 10.0 MPa.

    By SIMONA AG based in Kirn, GERMANY. from Twin-Wall Sheets Product line

  • Badinotti - Submersible Cages

    Submersible cages allow farmers to handle several environmental issues, for example: Ice flows. Shipping, Ice flows, and other large floating objects can cause severe damage to floating cages. Algal blooms. Some locations are prone to toxic algal blooms that can decimate fish stocks. Fortunately, toxic algae are usually not found at depths lower ...

    By Badinotti Group S.p.A. based in Milano, ITALY. from Aquaculture Product line

  • Smart Farmers - Outdoor and Indoor Fish Farming Systems

    Smart Farmers builds systems for indoor and outdoor fish farming. A smart design for your aquaculture installation with proper monitoring and ease of use, will ensure performing results. Varieties of fish breeds require different temperature, oxygen, amount of fish, flows etc. Smart Farmers will take into consideration all parameters in an ...

    By Smart Farmers based in Gent, BELGIUM.

  • Aquaponics Systems

    FBD can design, supply and install Aquaponic systems from a commercial and research level, to hobbyists and communities to grow their own produce, to become self sufficient. There are options for all types of grow-beds including Floating Raft, Flood and Drain and NFT, as well as Solar powered systems.

    By Fresh By Design (FBD) based in Moss Vale, AUSTRALIA. from Aquaculture Systems Product line

  • Model C/F 1007 - Closed-loop Aquaculture & Hydroponic Formula

    Formula Type: Dry - Product Description: Water cleaning and feed for Artemia, odor control and water cleaning for hydroponics (raising plants in water) and biofilter seed culture for closed-loop aquaculture. Designed to rapidly seed aquatic applications with 3 gram-positive, spore-forming Bacillus strains and 4 vegetative gram-negative strains of ...

    By AquaBio Environmental Technologies, Inc. based in Hawthorne, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Aquaculture, Lake, Pond & Aquatic Treatments Product line

  • Dolphin Super Aqua - Model 12500 - Side Discharge Sea Pump

    The Dolphin Super Aqua Sea pump is a 2” side discharge pump with a higher speed for systems needing higher pressure. They have the same advanced seals and aggressive impellers as used in the Super Amp Master pumps.

    By Dolphin Pumps based in Pensacola, FLORIDA (USA).

  • AqauMoor - AquaMoor Consulting, Sales and Installation

    Seafarm Systems with its 25 year history of aquaculture has mooring consultants on staff. In addition to consulting we supply every component and do the installation. We have impeccable references. We welcome your inquiry and we have experience in all areas of the globe

    By Seafarm Systems based in Goodwood, AUSTRALIA.

  • Service Aqua - Frozen Maturation Feeds

    Service Aqua is a very reliable source for Frozen Maturation Feeds for fish and shrimp maturation. Service Aqua has locations in the USA and Europe, giving us the tools to serve customers in the Americas, Australasia and Africa. Service Aqua, with 10 years experience in this sourcing and supplying service, offers now: Farmed polychaetes from ...

    By Innov Aquaculture based in NOUMEA, FRANCE. from Hatchery/Laboratory Product line

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