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  • Installation in Taiwan - Case Study

    Installation in Taiwan - Case Study

    On May 2017 we have installed our water treatment system (SPB30) on a farm located in Linbian near Pingtung, Taiwan. The installation was done in cooperation with Agritech Asia Company. A company that specialized in importing advanced new technologies from Europe and Israel in the field of aquaculture and agriculture. The site where we installed our system consist of 1000m3 pond, 230.000 1 mo


  • USSEC Organizes IPA Tour in China

    USSEC Organizes IPA Tour in China

    USSEC recently organized a tour trip to Shanghai, China to visit intensive pond aquaculture (IPA) sites.The group of 40 visitors came from Egypt, India and Vietnam and attended an IPA seminar on the first day. Dr. Jesse Chappell of Auburn University ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Aquaculture Oxygen Sensor

    Aquaculture Oxygen Sensor

    Temperature and dissolved oxygen (DO) are critically important to optimize feeding and maintain healthy fish. Unfortunately, monitoring these parameters with existing solutions is very challenging. Traditional cabled solutions are difficult to install, prone to failure under rough seas and require expensive and cumbersome pen furniture to support them. The aquaMeasure DO has been designed to ...