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  • In the fishing industry, gear recycling is finally catching on

    In the fishing industry, gear recycling is finally catching on

    In 2013, Joel Baziuk had a problem. He had too many fishing nets, and no good way to get rid of them. But that was about to change.As operations supervisor of Steveston Harbour Authority, or SHA, just south of Vancouver, British Columbia, Baziuk is responsible for Canada’s largest commercial fishing harbor. At any given time, more than 400 vessels call the

  • Why is NASA taking astaxanthin to space?

    It was only a matter of time until NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration U.S.A.) began to study the benefits of taking microalgae into space. Consider the resilience of microalgae ...


  • The Hidden Cost of Salmon Farming

    The Hidden Cost of Salmon Farming

    While salmon is now an affordable staple in most supermarkets it wasn’t that long ago that fresh salmon was reserved for special occasions and celebrations. With the growth of salmon farming, it is now available everywhere at very reasonable ...

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  • Aquaculture Lamella Separator

    Aquaculture Lamella Separator

    The separation of sludge in recirculation aquaculture systems can be enhanced and made more economical with the TUBEdek lamella separators. A TUBEdek installation results in a plant with a smaller foot print compared to more traditional methods of settlement.