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  • Comparative Toxicokinetics of Cadmium in Artemia

    Comparative Toxicokinetics of Cadmium in Artemia

    Abstract  The toxicokinetics of cadmium was determined for five populations belonging to four species of Artemia (A. salina, A. parthenogenetica, A. franciscana, and A. persimilis) using a bicompartmental model. The effects of sublethal cadmium concentration on the kinetic parameters in A. parthenogenetica were determined. The BCF values are inversely related to the concentration, as is the ...


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  • Aquaculture Production Software

    Aquaculture Production Software

    A step forward after the overview, get deep and practice SmartWaterAccess the relevant course where you can install a DEMO of SmartWater and know the entire functionality. Save time and money in the implementation and product training (all of them are gaming courses and have video tutorials available, but only the advanced ones have auto-installable demo).