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  • What Are the Common Habits of Silver Arowana?

    What Are the Common Habits of Silver Arowana?

    The Silver Arowana (Scientific Name: Osteoglossum bicirrhosum) is relatively large in size, strong in body, fast in growth rate, and large in food intake.They like to live in weakly acidic or neutral soft water. The best living water temperature is between 24℃ - 28℃. They like to eat animal bait. Studies have found that Silver Arowanas are docile and have the strongest fertility among ...


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  • Molitor Premium Proteins

    Molitor Premium Proteins

    YnMeal is a highly digestible, natural source ot premium protein, with more than 70% protein concentrate. Ynsect turns Molitor larvae, also called mealworm, into powder form - perfectly suited tor farmed fish and crustacean nutrition. YnMeal comprises 5 to 30% of fish feed recipes.