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  • Fish Counter
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    Fish Counter

    By CALITRI sprl

    Type of fish: trout - salmon - bass - bream. Counting size: 70gr to 900gr. Counting capacity: 4 tons/hour. Number of channels: 4. Channels width: 100 mm. Input diameter: 160 mm. Accuracy: 97%. Dimensions L x l x P: 1250 ...

  • Fry Counter
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    Fry Counter

    By CALITRI sprl

    Type of fry: trout - salmon - bass - bream. Counting size: 1gr to 15gr. Counting capacity: 125.000 fry/hour. Flow of water: maximum 12m³/hour. Number of channels: 12. Channels width: 30 mm. Input diameter: 160 mm. ...

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  • Endocrine Disruption in Fish

    There is increasing concern in the media, among politicians and within environmental organizations, about the effects of chemicals in our ...

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  • CALITRI sprl

    CALITRI sprl

    Specialized in the detection and the counting for aquaculture, we designed from 4 years counters with new plug and play technology: FC2 (2 channels)

  • ProFish Technology SA

    ProFish Technology SA

    The primary goal of ProFish Technology is to preserve threatened fish species by limiting the impact of human activities on the migration of fish. ...

  • Fish Guidance Systems Limited

    Fish Guidance Systems Limited

    Preventing fish from entering water intakes is a common problem facing many users abstracting water from rivers, estuaries and the sea. This can ...