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  • Lumpfish caviar - from vessel to consumer (En)

    Series: FAO Fisheries Technical PapersFish roe products have historically been seen as expensive and highly-desirable luxury food items. The best and ...

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    The Fish Oocyte

    This book addresses the growing needs in deciphering the biological processes associated with fish reproduction, in view of the growth of aquaculture ...

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  • STM aquatrade S.r.l.

    Distributor of aquaculture supplies in the south of Italy: live fish pumps by MATSUSAKA, aquaculture monitoring by OXYGUARD, drum filters by ...

  • Apollo A/S

    Apollo A/S

    Apollo A/S is a manufacturer of fish graders that have a strong reputation worldwide. The APOLLO fish grading machine was developed in 1981 and it is ...

  • LeMar Industries  - a division of CTB, Inc.

    LeMar Industries - a division of CTB, Inc.

    LeMar’s renowned quality and partnership keep customers coming back time and again. Known for listening and giving customers exactly what suits their ...

  • Ovapiscis SA

    Ovapiscis SA

    Ovapiscis produces embryonic roe from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Thanks to a system of photoperiods, which induce the trout to lay eggs, ...

  • Aqua Gen AS

    Aqua Gen AS

    AquaGen is a breeding company which develops, produces and delivers genetic material to the global sea-farming industry. Through a market-oriented ...