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  • High-Speed Mixer
    Showcase Product

    High-Speed Mixer

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG

    The high-speed mixer excels by very short batch processing times (complete mixing within 20 - 90 seconds). Its design ensures easy cleaning of the mixer, complete product discharge, and perfect hygiene.

  • Milkfish Feed
    Showcase Product

    Milkfish Feed

    By Team Aqua Corporation

    Composition: Premium quality fish meal, shrimp meal, fish oil, electrolyte, mineral and Vitamin Premix.

  • For Bio Security
    Showcase Product

    For Bio Security

    By Reddy Drugs Laboratories

    Indications: Bactericide effectively controls bacterial & Protozoa disease. Specialised for the prevention of Black Gill diseases and Vibriosis. It doesnt Contain any antibiotic. DOSAGE : 1 Kg/Acre.  FEED ...

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  • Amisy Fish Feed Machinery

    Amisy is one of the well known manufacturers and exporters of Fish Feed Machines and Turnkey Fish Food Production Lines. We have kept the leading ...



    EWOS Group is one of the worlds largest suppliers of feed and nutrition for farmed fish. The company, which was created in 1931, is owned by private ...

  • SPAROS Lda

    SPAROS Lda

    SPAROS is a spin-off company of the Centre of Marine Sciences of Algarve (CCMAR) / University of Algarve, devoted to innovate in the development of ...

  • Pen Wave

    Pen Wave

    Pen Wave is a young and enthusiastic indoor microalgae and copepod aquaculture company, engaged in providing solutions for some of aquaculture’s ...

  • Zhengzhou Rephale Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Zhengzhou Rephale Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Zhengzhou Rephale Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the famous industrial city - Zhengzhou City - the capital of Henan Province. We are a ...