Fish Feed Production

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  • floating fish feeds vs sinking feed pellets

     Generally there is no nutritional difference between floating and sinking feed.Advantages of floating feed • High Nutrition Retention • Environment-friendly • Easy to Store • Best for a Young Fish Breed • Monitoring the fishAdvantages of sinking feed • Better for fish who likes to live in bottom level of water. • Gr

  • Choose the Suitable Fish Feed Pellet

    The cost of fish feed accounts for a large proportion of the coast produced by fish farmers.Feed pellets are widely used in fish farming. Choosing only the right quality fish feed particles can ...


  • Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine Manufacturer

    Electric Flat Die Feed Pellet Machine Manufacturer

    Electric feed pellet machine is widely used in the animal husbandry industry in rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, pigs, aquatic products ect., large and medium-sized breeding plants, feed mills, and organic waste re-pelletization in brewing, ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Aquaculture Subfeeder

    Aquaculture Subfeeder

    The Subfeeder is one of our newest products. It is a product developed for feeding fish below the lice belt. In addition, you can feed every day without being dependent of weather condition (wind/current). It can be directly connected to the 90 mm feeding tube and the feed will be brought down to the desired depth. The Subfeeder is produced in corrosion resistant material, has no moving parts and ...