Fish Hatchery Feeding

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  • My birds thrive and that is the key to my success - Kjell Ingar, Norway - Case Study

    In the fiscal year 2018 my colleague spent 50% more money on heat and electricity per bird than I did. Kjell Ingar Boe lives in the town of Randaberg on the Atlantic West coast of Norway. He has been a broiler producer for more than ten years. His second house, built in 2017 and installed with a DACS system, is located just half a mile from the ocean – a location with extreme and consta


  • An Integrated System to Drive Operational Growth

    Operations that thrive in today’s competitive marketplace recognize that the data collected on a daily basis can be a valuable asset.  As you know, data changes every day, sometimes every minute.  It’s an amazing evolution and ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Aquacultured Phytoplankton Blend

    Aquacultured Phytoplankton Blend

    FeedMe Phyto is a LIVE blend of three species of aquacultured phytoplankton: Nannochloropsis, Tetraselmis, and Isochrysis. These phytoplankton cultures are cultivated in a sterile and hermetically sealed environment at the FeedMe Algae facility in Cumming, GA. With the highest standards in the industry, our stringent growth and operation guidelines ensure that you are getting the highest quality ...