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  • Fingerlings and Fry
    Showcase Product

    Fingerlings and Fry

    By Lyndon Fish Hatcheries Inc.

    At Lyndon Fish Hatcheries, we produce fingerlings for a variety of customers including bioassay and toxicology labs, commercial grow-out operations as well as private stocking for ponds. Products offered range from 0.15 ...

  • Vaccination and Sizesorting
    Showcase Product

    Vaccination and Sizesorting

    By Nordic Supply System

    Vaccination of Salmon and Trout.

  • Growth Stimulating LED-Light
    Showcase Product

    Growth Stimulating LED-Light

    By Bio Marine AS

    The use of light is well known for inhibiting fish maturation. Smaragd growth stimulating LED is used in sea pens and for bringing established light regimes of fry from land stage to sea. Smaragd LED light attracts ...

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  • Aqualife Services Limited

    Aqualife Services Limited

    Aqualife is a global leader in fish care and vaccination services. We work with clients around the world to deliver a range of professional services ...

  • Sarah Aquaculture ASIA

    Sarah Aquaculture (A.R.K. Marine) is one of the biggest, professional company in the aquaculture industry in Chonburi, Thailand. We have been in ...

  • Fuerste Vaccination Services

    Fuerste Vaccination Services

    Fuerste Vaccination Services we are committed to delivering the most efficient and safe services to the aquaculture industry on Vancouver Island in ...

  • Fishguard


    Fishguard AS provides a comprehensive range of fish health services to the aquaculture industry. Broad scientific competence and knowledge of all ...

  • Syndel USA

    Syndel USA

    Syndel USA is a privately held company located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest near Ferndale, Washington USA. This is where we have our corporate ...