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  • Stocking Catfish / Aquaculture

    Stocking Catfish / Aquaculture

    Overview: To get a good crop of marketable fish it’s necessary to stock the pond with the correct number of fingerlings. Stocking too few fish may result in fast growth and large fish but this isn’t an economical use of the pond. However, stocking too many fish will result in slow growth and a large number of very small fish. Catfish If ...

  • Shrimp Farming Guide For Beginners

    Shrimp Farming Guide For Beginners

    Shrimp is a common food on the table. There are many varieties of shrimp. Each type of shrimp has its own characteristics. The freshwater shrimp and sea shrimp are rich in nutrients and taste ...


  • Bluegrove acquires SEALAB

    Bluegrove acquires SEALAB

    Bluegrove, with its subsidiary CageEye AS, has acquired fellow aquatech company SEALAB to combine their sensor technologies and create an open platform for integration with other suppliers. “By bringing together two of the world leaders in ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Alkalinity Bio-Active Booster for Aquaculture

    Alkalinity Bio-Active Booster for Aquaculture

    The biological removal of ammonia (nitrifica­tion) is one of the most important functions in a water body.. This essential microbial process requires the presence of carbonate alkalinity in the water at all times, as the biological ammonia removal process utilizes 7.1 mgs. of carbonate alkalinity for every 1 mg. of ammonia removed by nitrification.

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  • European Animal Microbiome Congress 2020

    European Animal Microbiome Congress 2020

    The European Animal Microbiome Congress brings together leading veterinary researchers, innovative biotechnology companies, feed and strain manufacturers, animal breeders and producers, animal pharmaceutical companies, regulatory bodies, and cutting-edge solution providers to showcase the latest commercially viable research focusing on manipulating the animal microbiome, form successful product ...