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Fish Processing Equipment

  • Model FC100 - Fillet Carousel Fish Turner

    Fish turner, which can turn the fillets in a processing line from tail-end first to head-first or opposite, without using manpower. FC 100 is a fish turner, which can turn the fillets in a processing line from tail-end first to head-first or opposite, without using manpower and therefore is it possible to save an operator between pin bone remover ...

    By Kaj Olesen A/S based in Nr. Nebel, DENMARK.

  • Model PN-700 - Nobbing Machine

    The PN-700 can run a fish up to 700 mm long.  The machine operates a speeds between 120 and 200 fish per minute. The machine has been used to process Pacific hake, large mackerel and other large pelagics.

    By Pisces Fish Machinery Inc. based in Wells, MICHIGAN (USA). from Nobbing Machines Product line

  • Washing Fish for On Board Fish Processing

    Often a KM fish washer is installed in connection with the KM gutting machine.

    By K.M. Fish Machinery A/S based in Dybvad, DENMARK.

  • Growing Fish Systems

    AgriGo Ltd. offers comprehensive innovative designs and products aqua-farming and fish processing, based on: Advanced engineering design. Multi disciplinal technological integration . Turn –key project design and production including. Feasibility Study. Project Designing . Processing Plant . Training and know how transfer with long term ...

    By AgriGo Ltd. based in Kiriat Malahi, ISRAEL.

  • Fish Cleaning Stations

    When you need the best in fish cleaning stations, turn to Quality Control Equipment Company. Our fish cleaning stations offer economical and efficient ways to dispose of fish and fish parts after filleting. We can provide any size station to fit your needs. Our fish cleaning stations come in many standard sizes with various disposals and grinding ...

    By Quality Control Equipment Company (QCEC) based in Des Moines, IOWA (USA). from Fish Cleaning Stations Product line

  • AGK - Smoker - Smoke Generator

    Electrical smoke generator made of 100% stainless steel. Best suited for large scale curing cabinets. Technical Data / Order-Nr. 3 000 000 853. 220 V, 1000W. Technical Data / Order-Nr. RE 598: dimensions: BxDxH 700x400x500 mm with connecion pipe 200W.

    By AGK Kronawitter GmbH based in Wallersdorf, GERMANY. from Fish processing - Smokeoven Technology Product line

  • ALLANCE - Model ALFD-250 - Fish Deboning Machine

    Fish Deboning Machine IntroductionThe fish deboning machine is mainly designed to take fish flesh from fishes. It can separate the fish flesh from fish bones and fish skin. The fish deboner is easy to operate with high efficiency, which can save labor and time.Fish Deboning Machine ApplicationThe fish deboning machine is used to get fish flesh and ...

    By Allance Trade Co., Ltd based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • ROSOMA - Barrel Dump-Out Machine

    Range of application ROSOMA machines and systems represent the current and future state-of-the-art technology in fish processing. They comply with the rules and regulations in force and the high hygiene standards of the food industry. We have preferably for emptying herring barrels in connection with marinade production, designed, successfully ...

    By ROSOMA GmbH based in Rostock - Marienehe, GERMANY. from Foodstuff Processing Product line

  • Purification Plants for the Industrial Range

    We dimension and build purification plants for Beverage industry, Breweries, Dairies, Slawter houses, Meat dismantling enterprises, Bakerys, Fish processing companys.

    By OMS Kläranlagen GmbH based in Salzburg, AUSTRIA. from Purification Plants for the Industrial Range Product line

  • OptimarStette - Conveyor

    OptimarStette supply conveyors for many different taskes in the fish processing industy. From heavy duty conveyors in the receiving area on trawlers, to light conveyors for fillets and shrimps. Common for them all is that they are easy to clean, and to do maintenance.

    By OPTIMAR Fodema S.A. based in Vigo, SPAIN. from Conveying Equipments Product line

  • Model AGM - Fish Egg Sorter

    In the past, eggs that had either not been fertilized or had failed to developed properly had to be removed manually during the sorting process. With an AGM Fish Egg Sorter, you can do the job much faster and more accurately than is possible by hand. The machine has been developed through a collaboration between Aqua Gen, who came up with the ...

    By Skala Group based in Stjørdal‎, NORWAY.

  • Fish Feed Packaging Machine

    EMAIL: info@fishfeedmachine.comWebsite: www.fishfeedmachine.comSKYPE: elena.forbes11Packaging machine is often used to complete all or part of the process of products’ packaging. The packaging process include filling, wrapping, sealing and other major processes like cleaning, stacking . The packaging process also includes the measurement and ...

    By Amisy Farming Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA. from Fish Feed Machines Product line

  • Grading Fish for Land Based Fish Processing

    Roller-, Vibration- and belt graders are available depending on the fish products to be graded. On board fish grading is also available for fishing trawlers.

    By K.M. Fish Machinery A/S based in Dybvad, DENMARK.

  • Allance - Model ALC6-ZSJ-48/ ALC6-ZSJ-60/ ALC6-ZSJ-80 - Meat Brine Injection Machine

    Brine Injector Machine This brine injecting machine is used for injecting the salt brine/salt water, the condiment and flavor water into meat. In addition to used in meat processing, brine injection machine can also be used for fish, sea cucumber, birds and other products injection process by changing needle.Capacity for Choice: 200-700kgMore ...

    By Allance Trade Co., Ltd based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Model HD 1SU - Sex Sorter

    The HD 1SU Sex Sorter sorts up to 300 fish per minute. This product comes with a full new machine warranty and is priced at $35,000 CAN.

    By Inventive Marine Products Limited based in Bedford, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Processing Equipment Product line

  • Fish Processing System

    We have completed solutions and equipment for the processing of fish and seafood, caught in the ocean and inland freshwater . We offer defrostation- facilities, warehouses for intermediate storage and final product, conveying systems for cutting and portioning , massagers and injectors for marinating , and ice machines for food storage ' on ice' ...

  • Ciris - Optical Sorter Machines

    The Ciris line of optical sorters are a free fall machine typically used for whole vegetables. As the product enters the machine it cameras are strategically placed to allow for viewing from both front and back. The computer system than analysis the structure of each product and sorts by grouping into three categories. These categories are ...

    By Formutech Inc. based in Charlottetown, PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND (CANADA). from Fish Product line

  • AMS - Model SH - Fish Feed Pellet Dryer

    Introduction to Fish Feed Pellet DryerWhen the pellets are discharged from the fish feed machine, the pellets temperature can be 90℃ and moisture about 18%. The temperature must be reduced quickly to ambient and moisture to 8%-12% for storage. We can supply two types of feed pellets dryer, one is multilayer mesh belt dryer, the other is gas feed ...

    By Amisy Fish Feed Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • FANWAY - Model FY-250 - Fish Feed Mixer 250kg per batch

    Fish feed mixer applies to equably blending powder or particle materials of good flowability. Meanwhile, there is no dissolution, volatilization or modification of the materials during the blending process. Made of stainless steel with a unique design, the fish feed mixer is a cost-effective machine for fish feed manufacturer, and measure up to ...

    By Fanway Fish Feed Machinery based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • fanway - Feed Pellets Cooling Machine

    Counter flow feed pellet cooling machine is a necessity during feed pellets production process. Counter flow feed pellet cooler is widely used to cool pellets discharged from fish feed pellet mill which contain much moisture and of high temperature. Adopts counter flow cooling principle, this feed pellet cooler can cool the feed pellets rationally ...


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