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  • Baader machines in Iceland - Case Study

    One liquid ring pump for seven Baader machines in IcelandThe island of Vestmannaeja lies off the south coast of Iceland and has one of the largest fishing ports in the countryl. It is home to around 4500 people, most of whom are working in the fishing industry. The island has several fish producers, big as well as small, all specialising in the local fish species that are found around the


  • High-Quality Pumps Help Fish Farms Handle Growt

    umping systems manufacturer DESMI’s Peter Laursen offers advice to farmed-fish processing plants looking to invest in high-reliability, scaleable pumps to meet production pressures.With fewer and fewer fish in our seas, fish farming has grown ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Most Smooth-Running Multiple Selection Valve

    Most Smooth-Running Multiple Selection Valve

    AquaTrans is the most smooth-running multiple selection valve on the market today. The fish can be transported equally gently in all six directions. This means that there is no need for additional pipes or valves. All surfaces are made of PE plastic, all pipes are arched and all corners are rounded. In this manner implementation is “perpetual”, even in seawater!