Fisheries Conservation

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  • Shaking up the Shark Fin Trade

    Shaking up the Shark Fin Trade

    Earthwatch scientist Demian Chapman has researched sharks off the coast of Belize for two decades. He has seen these animals, which fascinated him since his childhood in New Zealand, get destroyed by the lucrative trade in shark fins, a delicacy in ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Ponds: Building, Maintaining, Enjoying

    Ponds: Building, Maintaining, Enjoying

    Written by Carolyn Garrick Stern. Discusses the importance of site choice and pre-planning. Other topics include drain and spillway systems information, fish stocking instructions, ways to keep the fish healthy and in balance, ways you can enjoy your pond after it’s built, and more. State-by-state listing of USDA-NRCS State Conservation Offices and State Fishery Chiefs. Softcover. 95 Pages.