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  • Baader machines in Iceland - Case Study

    One liquid ring pump for seven Baader machines in IcelandThe island of Vestmannaeja lies off the south coast of Iceland and has one of the largest fishing ports in the countryl. It is home to around 4500 people, most of whom are working in the fishing industry. The island has several fish producers, big as well as small, all specialising in the local fish species that are found around the


  • Welsh fishermen fear no deal Brexit

    THE Welsh Fishermen’s Association has warned that many of its members may not survive a no deal Brexit.Their main catch is shellfish, much of which is exported live into Europe and could be subject to tariffs and bureaucratic hold-ups after ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Aquaculture Waste Incinerators

    Aquaculture Waste Incinerators

    Bio-hazards can be catastrophic in the fish farming and aquaculture industries. Incineration is still seen as the most reliable and cost effective solution to this ongoing problem. Once you have commissioned an Inciner8 incinerator, any outbreaks or contaminations can be quickly spotted and dealt with using the incinerator at source. Livestock therefore suffers less, while the livestock industry ...