Microalgae Production

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Cutting Algae Costs

    Algae are not new in the aquaculture sector. In fact, algae are in many cases indispensable for the success of the aquaculture industry. The biggest hurdles for inhouse algae production in the aquaculture industry are the high costs, the labour intensiveness, and the complexity of maintaining healthy algae cultures. Traditionally, hatcheries have been using big plastic bag t

  • Algatech Triples FucoVital Production Capacity

    Fucovital is the first tiver health support extract derived from microalgaeKibbutz Ketura, Israel—Algatechnologies, Ltd. ("Algatech") announces it has tripled its production capacity for ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • 180 Liter Cultivation Units

    180 Liter Cultivation Units

    The Subitec FPA180L  has an effective volume of 180 Liter and can be modularly scaled to production facilites of required capacity. The FPA180L reactors are predominantly used in outdoor, greenhouse and indoor facilities and also used as single units for scale-up experiments in laboratories. Even at very high light intensities they are capable of completely converting the available solar ...