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  • 100% Natural and Non-Genetically Manipulated Microalgae
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    100% Natural and Non-Genetically Manipulated Microalgae

    By Algaetech International Sdn Bhd

    The brand name PREMIA™, which is an acronym for ‘Products and Energy from Microalgae’, is the vessel where ALGAETECH sells and markets end-products made from algae, has a wide range of products for the consumer and ...

  • Algal Nutrients and Culture Media
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    Algal Nutrients and Culture Media

    By Varicon Aqua Solutions Ltd

    The Cell-Hi All in One range of cultivation medium provides all the necessary algae nutrients, trace elements and vitamins which have been stabilised so that when re-constituted provides everything needed for ...

  • Bio Feed Unit
    Showcase Product

    Bio Feed Unit

    By Redono Oy

    Industrial sidestreams can be pretreated in the BioFeed unit to produce organic liquid fertilizers (BioFeed). The purpose of the BioFeed unit is to remove the containing solids and eliminate any unwanted bacteria or ...

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  • Aqualgae


    In Aqualgae we are a multidisciplinary team with knowledge in different fields such as biology, biotechnology and engineering. We aim to achieve the ...

  • Algae.Tec Ltd.

    Algae.Tec (ASX. AEB) is a specialist algae producer focused on the key algae-based nutraceutical, animal and aquaculture markets. Algae.Tec has a ...

  • Pen Wave

    Pen Wave

    Pen Wave is a young and enthusiastic indoor microalgae and copepod aquaculture company, engaged in providing solutions for some of aquaculture’s ...

  • Subitec GmbH

    Subitec GmbH

    Subitec is a German technology company headquartered in Stuttgart specializing in process engineering and the supply of microalgae cultivation ...

  • Greensea


    In the context of protection of a unique environment, and thanks to the vision and work of Yves Pietrasanta (Mayor of Mèze and President of the ...