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  • Everybody in the Tariff Pool!

    Everybody in the Tariff Pool!

    Since our last tariff update in September, we've received a number of price increase notifications covering the gamut of electrical, lighting and tool manufacturers - many directly attributable to the "List 4B" tariffs effective December 15th. These price increases have effective dates begi


  • Loch Fyne sticks to Scottish only salmon

    But it insisted it would not change this buying policy. The other  factor was  labour costs, particularly during peak seasonal periods when higher than planned  overtime was needed. Group results for Loch Fyne, which specialises in ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Aquaculture Oyster Setting Tables and Trays

    Aquaculture Oyster Setting Tables and Trays

    Suitable for small operations and commercially acceptable, DT’s Aquaculture oyster setting tables and trays are designed for use by growers for the initial stages of scallop and mussel spat set on cultch. Constructed to be readily cleaned and fitted with drain plumbing and mesh screen, DT’s tables and trays are generally effective for reliably supporting growers’ seed ...