Mussel Farming

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  • Turbo Jet Gun Cavitational Nozzle Gun
    Showcase Product

    Turbo Jet Gun Cavitational Nozzle Gun

    By Cavitcleaner Limited

    Turbo Jet gun is suitable to removing hard encrustations (barnacles, mussels, etc). Turbo Jet gun is manageable, easy and safe to use. Turbo Jet is balanced with rear jet suitable to Bombardier machine and is compatible ...

  • Lite Loop Mussel Rope
    Showcase Product

    Lite Loop Mussel Rope

    By Donaghys

    Specifically designed for high current/tidal areas. Light weight core. Dense loop trim configuration. Produces significantly less drag than standard ropes. Reduces fouling on ropes. Reduces slumping caused by over ...

  • Russet Loop Crop Rope
    Showcase Product

    Russet Loop Crop Rope

    By Donaghys

    Twin brown high density trims. Unique twin trim support process giving short dense loops combined with longer outer loops. Exaggerated core diameter to increase bulk. Highest surface area available. Unique Fibtrim ...

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  • Ansco Engineering Ltd.

    Ansco Engineering Ltd.

    With over 40 years experience, Ansco Engineering Ltd has become a leader in Aquaculture & food processing equipment & handling systems. We design & ...

  • Talleres Aguin, S.L.

    Talleres Aguin, S.L.

    We Talleres Aguin established in O Grove (Galicia, NW Spain) are specialists in the design & manufacture of machinery for the Mussel Growing ...

  • Ecological Coatings, LLC

    Ecological Coatings, LLC

    Ecological Coatings Manufacturer & Distributor Of Green, Non-Stick Coatings, Anti-Graffiti Coatings and Paint, Protective Coatings and Industrial ...