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  • Loch Fyne sticks to Scottish only salmon

    But it insisted it would not change this buying policy. The other  factor was  labour costs, particularly during peak seasonal periods when higher than planned  overtime was needed. Group results for Loch Fyne, which specialises in ...

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  • Bivalves


    Like live microalgae in your culture tanks: Aliga’s R&D team is working on the development of a microalgae concentrated paste for oysters and mussels, the Aquapaste for bivalves.


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  • Aquaculture Europe 2019

    Aquaculture Europe 2019

    The German aquaculture sector is unique in its diversity, ranging from extensive cultivation systems in ponds and coastlines to intense indoor farming. The annual aquaculture production of fish and mussels accounts for 33,000 tonnes. Main finfish species common carp and other cyprinids are produced in warm water ponds, rainbow trout and other salmonids in flow-through and raceways systems. ...

Aquaculture Europe 2019

Oct. 6rd - 9th | Berlin