Mussel Farming

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  • De-Clumping
    Showcase Product


    By Talleres Aguin, S.L.

    Simultaneously declumping and grading mussels, it has a production level of up to 4,000 Kgs. per hour. The clump separating process can be regulated and the grading bars are adjustable to cope with whatever size of ...

  • Grading Table
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    Grading Table

    By Talleres Aguin, S.L.

    The most practical of all grading tables. One single table that can be adapted to any mussel size. The space between the bars can be increased by adjusting the hand lever. There are automatic built-in devices for quick ...

  • On-Growing Mussels Harvesting Unit
    Showcase Product

    On-Growing Mussels Harvesting Unit

    By Smart Farm AS

    Our nursery, husbandry & harvesting solutions. Mussels/rope-grown bivalves: Collector-cleaning ahead of new spat settlement. Natural settlement or Seeding spat from hatchery. Control density. Reduce predators & ...

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  • Smart Farm AS

    Smart Farm AS

    Smart Farm AS is a Norwegian, independent company, which pride itself on having unique patented solutions for growing, husbandry and harvesting of ...

  • Ansco Engineering Ltd.

    Ansco Engineering Ltd.

    With over 40 years experience, Ansco Engineering Ltd has become a leader in Aquaculture & food processing equipment & handling systems. We design & ...

  • Talleres Aguin, S.L.

    Talleres Aguin, S.L.

    We Talleres Aguin established in O Grove (Galicia, NW Spain) are specialists in the design & manufacture of machinery for the Mussel Growing ...

  • Ecological Coatings, LLC

    Ecological Coatings, LLC

    Ecological Coatings Manufacturer & Distributor Of Green, Non-Stick Coatings, Anti-Graffiti Coatings and Paint, Protective Coatings and Industrial ...